Michigan Suibukan - Shorin-Ryu, Kobudo and Suikendo


Mark Salisbury was born in Lansing, Mi, in 1959, the fifth child of a methodist minister. Born into a family of athletes, he was active in many sports, both in Jr. High and High School. Namely: Football, Cross Country, Wrestling, and Gymnastics. However, by the time he graduated, he was not satisfied with the idea that success was measured by the number of opponents one has beaten. He began to reconsider the idea of competition, and what its true purpose was.

After graduation, he spent about a year Boxing with a local group, it was at this time that he first realized his attraction to the combat arts.

In 1979, through a mutual friend, he met Sensei Dean Mills. Sensei Mills was the Chief Instructor of the Eaton Rapids Martial Arts Academy, and after attending one class, Mark enrolled immediately, and so began his training in Karate-Do. Training there was based on an obscure Japanese form of Karate, called Iki-Shin-Do. he was also introduced to the philosophy of Aikido as well as other spiritual aspects of traditional Karate training.

Mark received his Black Belt in 1984, after testing in front of 7th Dan Master Humieski, 5th Dan Master Bro, and 3rd Dan Sensei Mills.

Due to several unfortunate circumstances, within 18 months Sensei Salisbury was left to run the Eaton Rapids Dojo alone. At this time he first approached Sensei Hayes for instruction, as Mr. Hayes was the finest Martial Artist in the area. At that time Sensei Salisbury joined the A.K.S. and began training with Sensei Hayes. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter his shift was changed at work preventing him from attending many classes.

Over the next few years, many changes came about in his personal life, and he spent much time training alone, and continued his intense search for inner peace, through practice and meditation. During this time of hard individual practice, and with the help of many books and personal conversations with followers of several eastern philosophies, he slowly began to realize that the Martial Virtues of Respect, Courtesy, Sincerity, and Humility were meant to be applied to one's entire life experience, not just in the Dojo!

At about this time he was introduced to Master Yamashita's Karate through Sensei Hayes. He knew at once that this was what he been searching for all along. He began training with Sensei Hayes regularly, and about 18 months later in 1993 he tested in front of Master Yamashita, and Sensei Hayes, and was awarded the rank of 2nd Dan, in Kobayashi Shorin Ryu. In 1998, Sensei Salisbury was awarded the rank of 3rd Dan, and in 2002 he earned the rank of 4th dan in Shorin Ryu and 3rd dan in Kobudo.

Sensei Salisbury, through his branch dojo, is dedicated to supporting Sensei Hayes as president of the Michigan Suibukan and Sensei Yamashita as Chief Instructor of this branch of Shorin Ryu, As well as offering Karate training which strives to promote a more positive, compassionate, and serene way of life.