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CS SDrv 1.0.1 released

We're pleased to announce the release of CS SDrv, the SD slot power driver for PalmOS. This app starts life with a specific purpose - to make the amazing Spectec SDG-812 SD-slot GPS receiver Palm compatible. Check it out here and see for yourself just how small a GPS can be!

CS Online reviewed at TreoCentral
"I don't think you'll find anything that'll do the job better than Conklin System's CSOnline."

Check out the in-depth review of CS Online from TreoCentral, one of the top Palm sites. We took the feedback to heart and made an alternate ANSI-BBS character set version available here for BBS and PC online application users.

CS Fax 3.0.1 released
CS Fax - the True Fax Solution for PalmOS

CS Fax, the only standalone Fax solution for PalmOS, is now available. You can now receive a fax, sign it, and fax it back, all from your Treo smartphone or PalmOS handheld with modem! See the CS Fax product page for full details and a list of supported devices.

The Open Beta for CS Fax 3.1.0 has begun. 3.1.0 adds VFS support and generates standard TIFF files, allowing you to use faxes from CS Fax on your PC and import/export faxes to your email client as well. Click here for more information.

CS Online featured in Nuts & Volts magazine

CS Online was covered in the New Products section of the Nuts & Volts magazine, the leading monthly of hands-on Electronics. Check with your local newstand/bookstore. Highly recommended!

CS Online 2.2.0 released

CS Online - the Serial Data Power Tool CS Online, the Serial Data Power Tool™ version 2.2.0 has been released! Release 2.2.0 features dramatic improvements in emulation, vibrant color and new logging and highlighting that make data recording and analysis easier than ever.

More than just a great emulator, CS Online is a powerful tool for industrial and scientific applications. Get CS Online and lose the laptop! Learn more about it out here.

CS Online 2.2.0 is a free upgrade to registered users of CS Online.

An open beta/engineering release of CS Online is now available. The engineering release incorporates a number of fixes slated for the next release of CS Online. If you'd like to try them, click here for more information.

Conklin Systems acquires Mark/Space Online and Fax product lines

Conklin Systems has acquired the popular Mark/Space Palm OS products Online, a terminal emulator package and Fax, a send/receive Fax package that runs directly on the Palm device.

Mark/Space had discontinued Fax in 2003 and more recently Online to focus on their immensely successful Missing Sync line of sync products for the Macintosh. However, people were still asking for Online and Fax on a daily basis. Rather than leave customers wanting, Mark/Space worked with Conklin Systems to make them available again.

Terence Conklin points out:

"There are more devices with built-in serial communications now than ever before. Routers, telescopes, and even toys have serial interfaces that people need access too. Online has always been the best tool for not just emulation, but data analysis, and we'll be continuing that tradition."

Conklin Systems brings more than 25 years experience with terminal emulation and data communications.

Palm/Pilot Was Here adventures continue

Palm/Pilot Was Here, our long-running documentary of the amazing adventures people have taken their Palm-powered handhelds on, is still running strong. If you're looking for the wildest places on (and off) the planet you can take your handheld, just click on the Palm/Pilot Was Here logo on the left!

Palm Battery Drain Fix instructions

Conklin Systems quick fix for the battery drain problems experienced by older model Palm/Pilots while sitting in the cradle is still available as well. As later Palm-powered units do not have a problem with cradle drain, please note the list of affected devices. At this point most of these units are no longer being used.