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Wisdom is where you find it. It comes from wise old men, and it comes from the back of bubble gum wrappers. You never know where it'll show up, but when you find it, take it and run. It's precious.

In the real world running 100 miles an hour, it's easy to miss something worth knowing. So we're here to help. Digging through the here and now, the pickings proved pretty slim, so instead, we dig through there and then.

The Gone Retro page is a tour through the bits and pieces of the past. When publishing was a lot harder and what was published was generally worth publishing. Life really was simpler, and communication was focused on a need to know, sweet and simple basis. Your average farmer could say a lot in three words or less.

We bring you the past, as it applies to the present.

The collection is ecclectic, and only meant to be enjoyed. Some of it's intriguing, some funny, and some just a reality check. But it's all part of the snapshot of who we are and where we've been.

He Changed Our World


Watch Your Step


What's the word?

"Nice job with the TRS-80 page. Brings back fond memories."
David A Lien

"Thanks for the trip down memory lane"
Stephen (sal9000)

"Great page!"
Buzz McDermott

"Cool Firebird info!!!!!!"
Mike Sveda

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