Conklin Systems Logo Paks
Release 1.1
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Have you learned to hate clouds?

Windows 95 does a lot of nice things, but that startup screen grates on your nerves about the 5th time you start Windows. About the 50th time, you're ready to hurt small bunnies with dental tools.

And tell us that the "It is now safe..." screen isn't enough to make you scream! The people who brought you '95, telling you what's "safe."

Conklin Systems Logo Paks to the Rescue!

We're here to help. Logo Paks are complete, self-installing replacement kits for your startup, waiting-to shutdown and shutdown screens. No need to do anything - just download the Pak of your choice and run the program - everything is automatic, and if you install more than one Logo Pak, they're randomized automatically for a new pic each time you turn on/off your machine!
Year 2000 Compliant!

Darken your desktop and lighten your day

The Conklin Systems METAL Logo Pak series mixes the great art of Heavy Metal with commentary to create beautiful screens that'll make you laugh and set the tone for your Windows '95 experience. A special process developed in-house keeps the art true to the artists, and there are enough Paks for everyone.

CS Technology

The Logo Paks are a classic example of Conklin Systems at work:

  • Creative product design
  • Extremely tight, fast code in multiple environments.
  • The custom Windows install program is only 25K!
  • The computer does all the work.
The Conklin Systems high-speed SHUFFLER is designed to have no detectable impact, and the small size minimizes your download time. It's a quality product, with a quality price - FREE

Each pack identifies the band and the artist that inspired the screen. Don't stop with the screens - all the bands featured are in-house favorites and are worth a listen.

Conklin Systems Logo Pak series is rated Relentless, as they may be too intense for folks who still think Ward and June Cleaver make up the bulk of the population.

How to get Pak'd

Just click on any pack on the right to download the self-extracting, self-installing archive. Then run the program either through Explorer, or through the "Run" command. If you've previously installed packs, it will gracefully add them alongside, and as you add additional packs it will also install the randomizer for you.


Installation should be automatic. If you have any questions, please direct them to Logo Paks install to a \CSLOGOS directory under your Windows directory. The file INSTALL.LOG in that directory details everything that the install program did.

The UNINSTAL command in the \CSLOGOS directory can be used to roll out the Logo Paks and restore the original cloud screens (or whatever boot screens you had when you installed your first Logo Pak). Just type UNINSTAL or click on the UNINSTAL.BAT file with Windows Explorer. SHUFFLER automatically removes itself from AUTOEXEC.BAT, and backs up the old AUTOEXEC.BAT file to AUTOEXEC.CS. The CSLOGOS directory is not removed, so to fully remove the packs delete the directory after the uninstall.

The MEGA Pak
Every Pak here
in one self-installing
file! 2.1 Meg


Logo Pak 1
Pak 1
With themes from:

Logo Pak 2
Pak 2
With themes from:

Logo Pak 3
Pak 3
With themes from:
Black Sabbath

Logo Pak 4
Pak 4
With themes from:
Six Feet Under
Iron Maiden

Logo Pak 5
Pak 5
With themes from:
Iron Maiden
"Celtic Frost"

Logo Pak 6
Pak 6
With themes from:
Celtic Frost

Logo Pak 7
Pak 7
With themes from:
Black Sabbath
King Diamond

Logo Pak 8
Pak 8
With themes from:

Word on the Street

Here's what people are saying about the Logo Paks:

Mike Sveda

"They were the simplest software I have ever installed.
Bob Taylor of

Fan Club

After they're done explaining what the Hell That Was to their boss, many folks have decided they're fans of that fine edge between Hell and Amusement that is a CS Logo Pak. Feel free to link to, but please link to the main page, since pages are often moved around on the site.