Conklin Systems Logo Paks

Why are your systems running ads for Microsoft?

Windows 95 may be a core component of your computer systems, but that's all it is - a component, that works together with pieces from a lot of other companies to create the systems you've specified and made usable.

People have a hard enough time remembering it's the company's system without the big ad for Microsoft every time the computer is turned on.

Spell it out with your own custom Logo Pak

Conklin Systems Logo Paks are self-installing replacement kits for your startup, waiting-to shutdown and shutdown screens. No need to do anything - just run the Pak of your choice. Everything is automatic, and if you install more than one Logo Pak, they're randomized automatically for new images each time you turn on/off your machine!

Take control of your work environment

Conklin Systems can develop one or more custom Logo Paks that you can painlessly install on your systems by just double-clicking on a single icon - installation takes only seconds. And they'll convert your Win95 machine startup/shutdown screens to one or more images of your specification. Imagine the possibilities of replacing the Win 95 "clouds" with:

  • Your company logo
  • Motivational messages
  • Sales goals and top performers
  • "Trade secret" or unauthorized use prohibitions
  • Award announcements or internal company promotions
  • Reminders to 'clock out' at the end of the day or to follow other company procedures.

Try our example Paks FREE

Just click on the Corporate Demo Pak to download it, then just run the program. That's it! Next time you shutdown your machine, you'll get new messages.

Or perhaps get one of your system techs to try the Metal series. Preferably the one who's really good and has the long hair. Just go ahead and download any of these - but stand forewarned they're a little intense. They're also very popular and a great public test of the technology.

The Conklin Systems METAL Logo Pak series mixes the great art of Heavy Metal with commentary to create beautiful screens that'll make you laugh and set the tone for your Windows '95 experience. Check your tech's face when he's done and you'll see either a huge smile or tears from laughing so hard.

CS Technology

The Logo Paks are a classic example of Conklin Systems at work:

  • A special imaging process
  • Extremely tight, fast code in multiple environments.
  • A custom Windows install program only 25K long!
  • Everything handled. All graphic work, packaging and software was developed at Conklin Systems.
  • The computer does all the work.
And Conklin Systems high-speed SHUFFLER is designed to have no detectable impact. The small size minimizes disk usage and install time. Small, fast, effective - we still write softwarethat way!

Order your own Paks!

Just email or call the number below and we'll work out a reasonable rate. Some things to consider in advance:

  • Do you want to simply replace the "clouds", or do you want a variety of different images that change each time the machine starts?
  • Do you want to supply the art, or have us design something for you?
  • Do you want a per-machine or site license?
  • Do you want to bundle the Paks with your products as promotional items for end users?
  • Do you want any custom functionality?

Whatever you need, we'll work with you and your staff to make a solution that's as transparent as possible.


Installation is fast and totally automatic, and support issues from the Internet release have been non-existent. But should you have any questions, we can be easily reached at Or your technical staff can call during working hours.

Corporate Demo Pak
Demo Pak
With examples of:
Company Logo
Company messages

Also available:

The MEGA Pak
All the Metal Paks
in one self-installing
file! 2.1 Meg

Metal Pak 1
Pak 1
With themes from:

Metal Pak 2
Pak 2
With themes from:

Metal Pak 3
Pak 3
With themes from:
Black Sabbath

Metal Pak 4
Pak 4
With themes from:
Six Feet Under
Iron Maiden

Metal Pak 5
Pak 5
With themes from:
Iron Maiden
"Celtic Frost"

Metal Pak 6
Pak 6
With themes from:
Celtic Frost

Metal Pak 7
Pak 7
With themes from:
Black Sabbath
King Diamond

Logo Pak 8
Pak 8
With themes from:

Word on the Street

Here's what people are saying about the Logo Paks:

"They were the simplest software I have ever installed.
Bob Taylor of