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CS Fax - the True Fax Solution for PalmOS

CS Online - the Serial Data Power Tool

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  • Conklin Systems releases ShowTime! multi-platform tech demo
    ShowTime! is a point-of-sale concept developed simultaneously for desktop, embedded, mobile, web and smartTVs. [Read the white paper] and [Try the demo with a modern web browser]
  • Conklin Systems releases Snavenger
    Conklin Systems publishes CoolKat's Snavenger, with ports for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux & Xbox.

    Get it on Google PlayGet it at AmazonDownload for Windows

  • Conklin Systems releases CS SDrv
    CS SDrv allows Palm users to power SD-slot based devices, including the ultra-small Spectec Bluetooth GPS. [Learn more]
  • Conklin Systems ships CS Fax 3.0.1
    Conklin Systems has released CS Fax version 3.0.1. CS Fax turns your Treo or Palm-powered device into a true fax machine! Receive faxes, view, store, sign, annotate and send them back - all directly on your handheld! [Learn more]
  • Conklin Systems ships CS Online 2.2.0
    Conklin Systems has released CS Online version 2.2.0. The "Serial Data Power Tool ™" has even more support for data recording and analysis, as well as new ANSI color emulation and much more. [Learn more]

C onklin Systems is a commercial software/system developer and consultancy. Typically, Conklin Systems provides consulting and technology to assist firms in developing new products. In particular, Conklin Systems specializes in handling difficult or time constrained technical challenges.

onklin Systems is unique in the depth and breadth of our experience. We've done development across Windows, Unix, MacOS, Android, iOS, PalmOS, PocketPC, embedded systems and more. This gives us an extensive understanding of how platforms interact, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to integrate them as a whole. 25+ years of development gives us insight into the lifecycles of technologies and the companies behind them.

onklin Systems' cross-platform experience allows us to create new answers to hard problems. We're uniquely suited to handle your "outside the box" projects, and we regularly create new technologies as needed to get it done.

lease look through Conklin Systems At Work for highlights some of things we've done.

all, write or email at the address below.


Si vous avez besoin d'assistance en francais, nous serions heureux de vous assister.