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S635MP diskless workstation BIOS

By default, the S635MP motherboard ships with outdated Novell networking support. We developed changes to the Etherboot sis900 chipset driver to support this particular motherboard, and built it in to a new ROM image available here. Please note that you can easily kill your motherboard if you don't know how to flash a BIOS. Use of this ROM and flash utility is entirely at your own risk.

Release 12-23-2004 Download
Flash utility Download

It is STRONGLY recommended that you back up your original BIOS before proceeding. Use the command:

aminf335 /sbios.rom /sbios.rom
to backup your existing BIOS first.

For a fast, simple test of remote booting, try Knoppix's built-in Terminal Server support. Knoppix is a Linux distribution that runs entirely from CD-ROM, no installation needed(!)

The old Unix classic Paranoia, as compiled for the Linksys WRT54g router. (Needed something to test the build chain.) This is the actual MIPS binary, so use Save As.

You'll need shell access on your router to install it. Most people that would be interested in this already know about it, but if you want to learn more check out:

Old stuff


Conklin Systems Logo Paks replace the startup, shutdown and waiting to shutdown screens (you know, the 'clouds') with something half as annoying. Arguably our most popular software releases ever.

Get new Logo Paks NOW

CS Logo Paks


Conklin Systems new REBOOT utility, available here, is the fast track to Get the Hell Outta DOS. REBOOT changes your active partition, flushes any disk caches, and then reboots the machine. The perfect tool for folks with multiple operating systems on their hard drives.

REBOOT can also be used to backup and restore partition tables, and supports a special erase feature that can be used to create permanent swap files with Windows for Workgroups even with other operating systems on your drive


Look for the upcoming release of:


DiskChek, from Conklin Systems, analyzes your hard disk and finds out how much of your hard drive is being wasted by MS-DOS's file system design.

This is currently in limited beta, look for a release soon!

Question: Why do the screen shots show "BETA" releases?

Answer: Literally, because there were no reported bugs. We test software extensively BEFORE we ship, so that you don't see any bugs if we can help it.

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