What's a Hotsync ID?

A Hotsync ID is the way your device identifies itself to a desktop computer when you synchronize. That way, several devices (all with different IDs) can synchronize to the same desktop computer, keeping the data separate.

When you first install Palm Desktop, and the first time you synchronize an unnamed device with your desktop computer, it asks you to assign a user name to the device you're synchronizing. HotSync Manager creates a user folder based on that name and stores all your data in your user folder. The next time you synchronize that device, it checks the user name assigned to the device and synchronizes the data on your handheld with the data in your user folder.

Unless you change your user name (how to change it), this will always be the name associated with the data on your device.

The easiest way to find your hotsync ID is to just run your Conklin Systems software on your device. The registration screen conveniently displays your hotsync ID below where you enter your new registration code.

Another place you can find your Hotsync ID is with the Hotsync app on the device itself. Just run Hotsync, and the device's hotsync ID is displayed in the upper right-hand corner.

When entering a Hotsync ID for the purposes of registering software, it's important to key it in exactly. Some characters that people commonly mistype include lowercase L versus the number one versus lowercase i (l/1/i), and the letter O versus the number Zero (O/0). Also 'hidden' spaces at the beginning or end of the name can cause problems.

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