DCXpert screen shotCompanies who use PDGS® can enhance their Data Collector with DCXpert®DCXpert runs as a shell similar to Windows allowing users to perform common Data Collector tasks such as adding users, taping operations (IGES, PartPP, backups, etc,) hardcopy and file management from on-screen DCXpert prompts.

DCXpert organizes the existing Data Collector tools into a consistent user interface, replacing command line options with clear X-windows dialogs. DCXpert leverages the windowing environment to speed daily Data Collector operations. For example, to remove one or more plots from the plot queue, just click on the plots with the mouse, then click delete. DCXpert adds safety to Data Collector operations by requesting confirmation of permanent action such as delete. And DCXpert makes the Data Collector easier to use for occasional system administrators, by clearly displaying all pertinent options on screen.

DCXpert also extends the Data Collector with new features, such as real time status windows, a built-in USERS_NAMES editor, and TAR support for backing up the Unix file system. Click here for a readable screen shot.


DCXpert makes the Data Collector fast and easy with features like:

  • Straightforward windows interface allows users to replace more difficult to use Data Collector commands.
  • Users can quickly perform DCOPER tasks such as add PDGS users, generate reports and update the USERS_NAMES file.
  • All tape operations are accessible from a common interface (PDGS Data Collector PART backups, PARTPP, IGES and UNIX tar backups are all supported)
  • Hardcopy (HCOPER) functions such as prioritizing, transferring, deleting and sorting plots can be easily performed by pointing to the desired plot and selecting the appropriate option.
  • Complete context sensitive, on-line help
  • A list of users on the Data Collector is displayed automatically.
  • A true X-windows application, DCXpert can be set up for remote management operations.

(PDGS is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. DCXpert is a registered trademark of Virtual Soft, Inc.)

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